What Makes Us Special?

Riding bike instead of walk
Send you to the exact place that buses or the MTR cannot access
Sustainable transportation

Reduce the use of vehicles andcarbon emissions

Travel around Hong Kong together!
Even in different regions, you can connect with your family and friends by Ketch’Up Bike.

How it Works?

Ketch’Up bike aims to developing an environmentally friendly public transportation system and connecting people across the city. Apart from sharing, users of Ketch’Up bike can rent bikes anytime and anywhere. Not only keeping away from traffic congestion but also doing exercise for health.

Ketch’Up Products

As this is a crowdfunding project. You will receive the bikes in a few months after purchase.

Ketch’Up App Coming Soon

Besides the user app, there is also an owner app. You can purchase the ownership of one bike for three years via the owner app. During this three years, you can ride your bike freely, enjoy a daily one-hour free period from riding other bike and rent out the bike. The owner can even receive 50% of the rental fee when the bike rent to others.